Tens Of Thousands Of British Airways Frequent Flyer Accounts Hacked

If you’re having issues accessing your British Airways account to book your next flight, it’s likely a result of a weekend hack targeting the airline.

Reuters reports that tens of thousands of British Airways frequent flier executive club accounts were compromised in the latest in a string of online hacks.

The company says that no personal information was stolen, but that to fix the issue it must freeze affected accounts.

While putting a hold on the accounts means some frequent fliers won’t be able to access their air miles, the airline expects the system to be back to normal in a few days.

“We would like to reassure customers that, at this stage we are not aware of any access to any subsequent information pages within accounts, including travel histories or payment card details,” a company spokesperson tells Reuters.

In all, British Airways says the number of hacked accounts is only a small fraction of the company’s millions of frequent flyers.

The hackers are believed to have launched their offensive “via an automated process” using information obtained elsewhere on the internet to access the accounts, the spokesperson says.

British Airways says some frequent flyer accounts hacked [Reuters]

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