British Airways, Lufthansa & Air France Fined For Treatment Of Disabled Passengers

Four months after the U.S. Department of Transportation fined United Airlines $2 million for violating rules protecting air travelers with disabilities, the agency is continuing to police the skies when it comes to disabled passengers. This time, levying fines against Lufthansa, British Airways, and Air France.  [More]

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British Airways’ Female Flight Attendants Can Now Wear Pants

A long-running fight between British Airways and cabin crew staff has come to an end today with the decision that recently hired female flight attendants are no longer forced to wear skirts on the job.


Don’t Get Stuck Paying For A Flight You Can’t Take; Know Your Airline’s 24-Hour Cancellation Policy

You can spend months, and thousands of dollars, putting together a trip abroad, but no matter how much effort you take to avoid travel trouble, unforeseen circumstances can force you to change your plans. Thankfully, most airlines flying to and from the U.S. have a policy that lets passengers cancel tickets within 24 hours of booking. Note that we said “most airlines” — not all. [More]

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Officials: British Airways Passenger Restrained After Trying To Open Exit Door During Flight

Though it might seem like a fine idea to catch a breath of fresh air after a few cocktails, if you attempt to gain access to the outdoors during a flight, you’ll find yourself in trouble. To that end, law enforcement and the Federal Aviation Administration said a British Airways passenger who appeared to be intoxicated tried to open the plane’s exit door on a flight from London to Boston.


Allegiant Airlines Plane Is Second To Catch Fire At Las Vegas Airport In Two Months

Allegiant Airlines Plane Is Second To Catch Fire At Las Vegas Airport In Two Months

For the second time in two months, a commercial airplane full of passengers caught fire at the Las Vegas airport. An Allegiant Airlines flight bound for Fresno was evacuated after a fire broke out in the plane’s engine. [More]


British Airways Flight Catches Fire On Las Vegas Runway, 14 Passengers Injured

Fourteen people were injured Tuesday when a British Airways plane preparing for takeoff from Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport suddenly experienced engine failure that resulted in an intense fire. [More]


Your Overstuffed Carry-On Bag May Not Make The Cut On British Airways Planes

Facing the possibility of hefty checked-baggage fees, many travelers have resorted to testing the structural integrity of their carry-on bags — laptop bags packed with more clothes than electronics; purses bursting at the seams with shoes, food, books, and anything else that will fit. But one major airline is telling travelers to put some of their bags on a diet. [More]

British Airways Program Gets To Know Its Customers A Little Too Well

British Airways Program Gets To Know Its Customers A Little Too Well

We’re not even sure it’s a good idea to Google a date before you get the chance to meet them in person (“Why such a large collection of tiny dolls?” etc.), so checking out passengers online before they arrive for a flight? That could get uncomfortable. A new British Airways program called “Know Me” has some privacy advocates worried that it gets to know its customers a little too much.