Why Hasn’t McDonald’s Gotten Rid Of Artificial Additives In The Big Mac’s Special Sauce?

It seems like every day we hear about yet another fast food chain that’s cleaning up this or that menu item to appeal to health-conscious consumers, and McDonald’s is no different: only last week, the Golden Arches announced 100% antibiotic-free McNuggets, and that it would remove high fructose corn syrup from its buns. But there’s still one popular item on its menu that contains a slew of artificial preservatives, and that same HFCS: the Big Mac’s special sauce. What gives? [More]

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McDonald’s Restaurants In Venezuela Stop Selling Big Macs

If you’re visiting a McDonald’s in Venezuela in the next few days, you’ll need to find something other than the Big Mac to chow down on. The fast food giant’s largest franchisee in the country, Latin America, and Caribbean has temporarily stopped selling the menu item over a lack of bread.  [More]

McDonald’s Testing Different Sized Big Mac Sandwiches: Grand Mac, Mac Jr.

McDonald’s Testing Different Sized Big Mac Sandwiches: Grand Mac, Mac Jr.

Is the Big Mac too big for you? Or maybe you want a bigger Big Mac. In an effort to get its signature sandwich in the hands of as many people as possible, McDonald’s is testing tweaked versions of the iconic Big Mac in a variety of sizes.


Report: Apple Planning To Share Siri With Mac Users

Report: Apple Planning To Share Siri With Mac Users

A new report says Mac users who don’t have an iPhone, Apple Watch, or Apple TV will soon be able to get the same Siri experience as everyone else with an Apple device, as part of the company’s next major OS release. Yes, that means they’ll be able to ask Siri a series of “tough” questions about why we all exist or a math question that results in a fun answer before they get bored and then never speak to her again.* [More]

McDonald's in Australia is auctioning a 500-ml bottle of Big Mac sauce.

McDonald’s Is Selling Tubes Of Big Mac Special Sauce… But Only In Australia

If you’ve ever wanted to slather McDonald’s Big Mac special sauce on a home-cooked burger but didn’t have the energy or motivation to make your own copycat version, then the idea that company is now selling bottles of the yellow-orange sauce is probably exciting. That is until you find out you can only get it in Australia. [More]

The real McDonald's Twitter account is having to deal with the fallout of the faked Tweet declaring the death of the Big Mac.

For The Love Of God, McDonald’s Is Not Getting Rid Of The Big Mac Or Apple Pie

You’ve probably seen your Facebook news feed overrun in recent days with people bemoaning the death of the McDonald’s Big Mac and apple pie. But there’s no need to start a petition or put on mourning garb, it’s just another hoax. [More]

DudeFoods presents: The Big McRib.

The Big McRib Is The Secret Menu Item McDonald’s Should Think About Offering

For years, McDonald’s franchisees have been complaining about an abundance of limited time offerings that use ingredients alien to the rest of the menu. But here’s an idea that some believe could invigorate the Golden Arches’ sagging sales without having to worry about millions of unsold frozen chicken wings. [More]

Burger King Resurrects Big Mac Clone, Complete With Third Bun

Burger King Resurrects Big Mac Clone, Complete With Third Bun

Think back all the way to 1997 and you might recall something called the Big King on the menu at Burger King. It had a lot of thee same fixings as the Big Mac, but it never caught the hearts and stomachs of consumers and was pulled from the menu before it went national, and it lacked the all-important middle bun. Now it’s back from the dead with a few new additions in an effort to put the heat on the Big Mac. [More]

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Man Employs Rare “I Had To Finish My Big Mac First” Defense To Explain Not Stopping For Police

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to enjoy a burger after a night of drinking — but it is in no way legal or safe on a car chase just so you can finish your meal. Police in Ohio say an intoxicated driver led them on a brief chase because he still had some snacking to do before he stopped the car. [More]


Don’t Block The McDonald’s Drive-Thru Just Because You Can’t Get Free Breakfast

We understand that it can be annoying when you have a craving for a certain fast food item, only to realize it isn’t available because of time constraints. But police say an intoxicated woman took that a few steps too far by blocking the McDonald’s drive-thru early Sunday morning in her quest for Big Macs, or at least, a free breakfast. [More]

McDonald’s Pulls Ad Since Crippling Depression Isn’t Quite The Same As Loving Big Macs

(Handout via USA Today)

While it might seem like your day is ruined if you can’t get a Big Mac, in no way is it the same as suffering from a mental illness. That’s a point McDonald’s apparently missed with a regional ad in the Boston area: It featured a familiar image of a distraught woman with her head in her hands with the copy, “You Are Not Alone.” Below it? “Millions of people love the Big Mac.” [More]

Make Your Own Big Mac: Internal Marketing Video Reveals Exactly What’s In McDonald’s Special Sauce

Make Your Own Big Mac: Internal Marketing Video Reveals Exactly What’s In McDonald’s Special Sauce

While McDonald’s special sauce is copyrighted, it isn’t quite a secret — the recipe has been bandied about on the Internet for awhile now, apparently — now we’ve got the list of makings from the mouth of Executive Chef Daniel Coudreaut himself (aka the man who found nothing unhealthy on McD’s menu). The ingredients are discussed in what is reportedly a marketing video out of the company’s Canada arm. [More]

Turn A McDouble Into A Lower-Carb Version Of A Big Mac For An Additional $.25

Turn A McDouble Into A Lower-Carb Version Of A Big Mac For An Additional $.25

If you’ve ever felt like chowing down on a McDonald’s Big Mac but didn’t feel like paying the Big Mac price, here’s an easy work-around that might save you some coin and some calories. [More]

Just What The World Needed, A Big Mac Burrito

Just What The World Needed, A Big Mac Burrito

Pardon me if I’m late to the party and all of you readers in the test markets (and Canada where it has been available since March) have been happily eating these things for months — but it has just come to my attention that McDonald’s is testing a Big Mac “Snack Wrap.” This is apparently code for Big Mac Burrito, which no one would eat if you actually called it that.

The Big Mac Index: Globalization At Work

The Big Mac Index: Globalization At Work

Sure, McDonald’s operates all over the world now, but that doesn’t mean that everyone can afford their products easily. As proof, The Economist has spent years updating its Big Mac Index, which uses the local price of the McD delicacy to estimate the purchasing power of consumers in about 120 countries. Recently, UBS cooked up its own twist on the index, calculating how many minutes the average person would need to work at their job in order to earn that precious, precious Big Mac. Predictably, a worker in Nairobi must work the longest—over two hours—while a worker in Chicago would only need to work 12 minutes.

McDonald’s to Experiment With Mini-Gyms

“It is considering replacing play areas in thousands of its restaurants with kids’ gyms where young customers can burn off their Happy Meals.”