Report: Apple Planning To Share Siri With Mac Users

siriA new report says Mac users who don’t have an iPhone, Apple Watch, or Apple TV will soon be able to get the same Siri experience as everyone else with an Apple device, as part of the company’s next major OS release. Yes, that means they’ll be able to ask Siri a series of “tough” questions about why we all exist or a math question that results in a fun answer before they get bored and then never speak to her again.*

According to a report from 9to5Mac, Apple will finally send Siri over to Mac as part of the OS X 10.12 release this fall.

The company had been testing a version of OS X that included Siri within its own walls since at least 2012, but 9to5 Mac’s sources say Apple has a clear vision for Siri on the Mac now, and is almost ready to launch the feature publicly.

That will likely be in June, when Apple is expected to introduce OS X 10.12 at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference.

Siri will work a bit differently on a Mac than it does, say, on your iPhone, which makes sense. Siri will live in the Mac’s Menu Bar, with an icon in the top right corner of the menu bar that will activate the feature.

Clicking the button will summon a dark, transparent Siri interface in the top right corner of the screen, with the familiar, colorful sound wave animate serving to show speech input. Things could still change before the expected summer introduction, of course.

*Except when you accidentally hold down a button too long and she’s like, “What can I help you with?” and you yell at her, “UGH NOTHING SHUT UP TURN OFF.”

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