Don’t Block The McDonald’s Drive-Thru Just Because You Can’t Get Free Breakfast

We understand that it can be annoying when you have a craving for a certain fast food item, only to realize it isn’t available because of time constraints. But police say an intoxicated woman took that a few steps too far by blocking the McDonald’s drive-thru early Sunday morning in her quest for Big Macs, or at least, a free breakfast.

According to, the Florida woman rolled up to the drive-thru around 6 a.m. and demanded two free Big Macs for alleged slights in the past, where she had apparently been unhappy with food she’d received.

Employees explained that there are no Big Macs while breakfast is served, which apparently was fine with the woman — except she then demanded two free Egg McMuffins. That was a no-go for workers, who told her she’d have to leave.

Not one to take the denial of a free meal lightly, cops say the woman refused to leave and instead blocked the drive-thru line for nigh on 10 minutes. Just like the sit-ins of old, right?

The cops arrived on the scene and the woman apparently claimed that her rights were being violated. Her rights, in this case, ostensibly being the right to free breakfast just because she said so.

Police say they could smell alcohol on her breath, and she admitted that she thought it was 4 a.m. and that she’d taken a Klonopin. She failed a field sobriety test and was arrested for DUI — it’s unclear whether there were charges of preventing other customers of getting their non-free breakfasts for minutes on end.

Deputies: Drunk woman Kimberly Womack holds up McDonald’s drive-thru lane while demanding free breakfast []

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