For The Love Of God, McDonald’s Is Not Getting Rid Of The Big Mac Or Apple Pie

The real McDonald's Twitter account is having to deal with the fallout of the faked Tweet declaring the death of the Big Mac.

The real McDonald’s Twitter account is having to deal with the fallout of the faked Tweet declaring the death of the Big Mac.

You’ve probably seen your Facebook news feed overrun in recent days with people bemoaning the death of the McDonald’s Big Mac and apple pie. But there’s no need to start a petition or put on mourning garb, it’s just another hoax.

As you can see above, the McDonald’s Twitter feed is now working overtime (but probably not getting paid for it; after all, this is McDonald’s) reassuring folks that the fast food chain’s signature sandwich and dessert aren’t going anywhere.

The source of the hoax is a story on a site called Daily Buzz Live, which displays a faked Tweet from the same McDonald’s account stating, “It is with a heavy heart that we must announce that the Big Mac will no longer be apart of our menu. It is our sincerest apologies.”

Aside from the improper use of “apart,” there is no evidence that this was ever actually Tweeted by McDonald’s.

Compounding the confusion are made-up quotes in the Daily Buzz Live story. One is attributed to an actual spokesperson for the company while the other quote comes from “Mark Andrés,” the President of McDonald’s U.S. operations.

Problem is, the head of McDonald’s U.S. is Mike Andres and he certainly didn’t recently tell investors, ““Why do we need to have preservatives in our food?… We probably don’t.”

The “article” also misstates the nutritional information for the Big Mac, overstating both the calorie count and fat content.

One eagle-eyed Consumerist reader noticed that the screengrab of the supposed McDonald’s Tweet about the death of the Big Mac is dated Dec. 20 — a day after the story itself was posted.

As The Inquisitr points out, unlike sites like The Onion, DBL posts occasional satire stories but mixes them in among actual news headlines.

McDonald’s is indeed trimming its menu, but as the company recently explained to us, the reduction will be about reducing redundancy in its offerings — offering only one Quarter Pounder with Cheese instead of four, or one premium sandwich instead of three.

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