McDonald’s Big Mac Getting Both Bigger And Smaller

Even though McDonald’s franchisees have complained about having their corporate overlords force too many limited-time menu items on them, the fast food giant continues to tinker. This time, it’s the company’s signature sandwich, the Big Mac, which is getting both smaller and bigger versions in 2017. 
McDonald’s tested the Mac Jr. and Grand Mac earlier this year at 125 restaurants in central Ohio and in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and now Thrillist reports that the Golden Arches will take both of them nationwide early next year.


The Grand Mac is composed of all the typical Big Mac ingredients, just on a super-sized scale with a third of a pound of beef. That’s compared to the traditional Big Mac, which comes with one fifth pound of beef.

On the other end of the spectrum, the smaller Mac Jr. is simply a Big Mac with just one layer.

Previously, a franchisee in Ohio said the different sized Big Macs came about based on customer feedback.

If the national, limited-time rollout of the new sandwiches goes well, they could become a permanent fixture on the chain’s menu.

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