McDonald’s Testing Different Sized Big Mac Sandwiches: Grand Mac, Mac Jr.

Is the Big Mac too big for you? Or maybe you want a bigger Big Mac. In an effort to get its signature sandwich in the hands of as many people as possible, McDonald’s is testing tweaked versions of the iconic Big Mac in a variety of sizes.

Columbus Business First reports that the Golden Arches is trying out the Big Mac in two new sizes: the larger Grand Mac, the smaller Jr. Mac.

The Grand Mac is composed of all the typical Big Mac ingredients, just on a super-sized scale with a third of a pound of beef. That’s compared to the traditional Big Mac, which comes with one fifth pound of beef.

On the other end of the spectrum, the smaller Mac Jr. is simply a Big Mac with just one layer.

More than 125 McDonald’s stores in central Ohio and in the Dallas/Fort Worth area began testing the new burgers on Tuesday. The experiment is slated to run through June 6.

An Ohio-area franchisee says the tests of the different sized Big Macs were initiated after customers asked for them.

McDonald’s testing bigger Big Mac (and a Mac Jr.) in Columbus and Dallas [Columbus Business First]

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