The Big McRib Is The Secret Menu Item McDonald’s Should Think About Offering

For years, McDonald’s franchisees have been complaining about an abundance of limited time offerings that use ingredients alien to the rest of the menu. But here’s an idea that some believe could invigorate the Golden Arches’ sagging sales without having to worry about millions of unsold frozen chicken wings.

Nick Chipman over at Dude Foods brings you the Big McRib, which is McRib meat on a Big Mac bun with all the Big Mac fixings (special sauce, lettuce, cheese, etc).

Full disclosure, while I’m an avowed fan of most fast food, I find most McDonald’s sandwiches not to my liking. So the idea of slamming together a Big Mac and a McRib is not exactly activating my salivary glands.

But Chipman, who had never actually had a McRib until recently, writes that this meat-swap to create the Big McRib makes it “even better.”

“With how iconic the Big Mac is I’m really surprised that McDonald’s doesn’t offer different variations of it like Burger King has done with their Whopper,” he muses.

Since McDonald’s obviously already has plenty of Big Mac components, it would seem like throwing other meats from its menu into that mix would be a no-brainer. It wouldn’t cost them any more or require that they keep any rarely used ingredients on hand. And McDonald’s could probably charge a premium, especially if you mix and match — one tier of McRib meat, another of beef or chicken.

You may be able to order a Big McRib once McDonald’s rolls out its “Create Your Taste” kiosk that allows customers to customize their sandwiches. However, initial tests of the program were limited to beef burgers and the company is just now introducing chicken to the program.

So apparently it’s time to hurry up and include McRib meat as an option.

[via FoodBeast]

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