Guy Eats At All 46 London McDonald’s Locations In One Day, Lives To Tell The Tale

Though perhaps you have the distinction of having frequented 46 McDonald’s restaurants in your lifetime, one brave soul decided he’d add 46 locations to his list in one day. The plan? To hit all of London’s McDonald’s locations in 24 hours — and chronicle his journey for YouTube, of course.

Sure, you might be thinking, I could eat some French fries at multiple fast food locations in one day and survive just fine, if not end up little bloated. But this guy didn’t make it that easy on himself.

“The idea is simple: to hit every McDonald’s restaurant in London in one day, trying a different dish at each and seeing if by the end I’m going to be lovin’ it or loathin’ it,” the YouTuber explains at the start of his McMarathon video posted yesterday.

He starts off with a bang, getting in a solid seven breakfasts, chowing down breakfast burritos, pancakes, McMuffins, and anything else his heart desired, before moving on to chicken McNuggets, burgers, wraps, and other daytime fare.

At about a dozen visits, he admits to finally starting to feel full… and celebrates by going for the Happy Meal to honor his inner child.

As the night gets on, he hops on a “Boris” bike, one of London’s rentable bicycles, and goes through the drive-thru on two wheels, much to the chagrin of the customer in a car behind him.

By the end, it sounds like body, soul, and wallet are weary — he estimates he spent “just under £90” ($130) on his McMarathon — but he’s still smiling as he eats his 46th order.

“I’ve learned about parts of London I didn’t know, foods I didn’t know, and areas of my body I didn’t know could feel pain,” he says. Sounds about right.

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