Will A Toastier Bun Make You Want To Eat A McDonald’s Burger?

By now, most of us are aware that McDonald’s is struggling to attract and retain new customers – mainly those labeled as millennials. The fast food giant’s latest attempt to turn things around doesn’t involve a plethora of new artisanal or healthy menu items. Instead, it entails making sure your order comes out piping hot and correct.

McDonald’s, aiming to improve the taste of its meals, plans to toast buns longer and sear its burgers, the Associated Press reports.

New Golden Arches CEO Steve Easterbrook announced the changes during the Bernstein’s Strategic Decisions Conference in New York Wednesday.

While toasting the buns longer might make you think McDonald’s is turning to a crunchy burger, it’s actually an attempt to keep sandwiches warmer longer.

As for the change to the way McDonald’s sears and grills its beef, Easterbrook says the new method will make burgers juicier.

“It’s these little things that add up to big differences for our customers,” he said of the company’s turnaround progress.

In addition to unveiling the updated cooking method for staple menu items, McDonald’s announced Wednesday that it is testing a new, rather repetitive, protocol for taking orders, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Called “Ask, Ask, Tell,” the new system was initiated by a Wyoming franchisee in an attempt to make sure orders go out correctly.

According to a 31-page manual on the new system, order takers must repeat the entire order to customers and ask if it’s correct. Cashiers then repeat the process by saying something like: “Hi, does your order include [menu item]?”

When the food is ready to be handed over, the next employee is supposed to once again verify the order asking, “Hi, here is your order WITH [menu item].”

Purchases made at the drive-thru will also get a new order-accuracy system, with employees now instructed to present the customers with open bags.

“Leaving the bag open speeds up the line because customers don’t stop to open their bag and check it,” states the manual.

McDonald’s claims that since the system was implemented with select franchisees in late 2013, customer complaints have gone down, while sales have gone up. The protocol is expected to roll out national this summer.

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