Sorry, Rudolph Fans: Domino’s Giving Up Reindeer Pizza Delivery Dream

Image courtesy of Domino’s Japan

We know you might have been excited to hear that Domino’s was attempting to deliver pizzas in Japan with reindeer. Alas, the chain has shattered that vision, announcing that it’s giving up on that dream in favor of more traditional delivery vehicles.

The company says that while its research center tried to train reindeer for delivering pizzas in the snowy season, it just won’t work out, for practical reasons. The main one being, “It is difficult to control a reindeer.”

The chain notes that it was an “agonizing decision” (as translated by Google) to cease the reindeer program, especially after getting so much encouragement from customers.

Instead, to keep some of that reindeer excitement, Domino’s is introducing delivery scooters in some areas that have been modified to look sort of like reindeer, complete with antlers and furry backsides.

We’re not quite sure how safe it is to be driving a scooter around in winter with large fake antlers attached the roof. We’re also pretty sure most people don’t care how their pizza gets delivered, so long as it’s on time and still hot. Maybe they can just get their drivers Santa hats next time?


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