Burger King Manager Facing Assault Charge For Allegedly Throwing Sauce At Customer

Image courtesy of Jeepers Media

It can be frustrating for both customers and fast food employees alike when something about an order isn’t right, but that’s no excuse for chucking things at each other. One such tense situation is why a Burger King manager was arrested recently, after allegedly throwing sauce at an unhappy customer.

The 32-year-old manager was arrested in Conway, New Hampshire earlier this month, reports WGME. It all started, police say, when a customer complained that her burger had arrived sans bun.

According to the cops, the manager yelled at her for complaining and then whipped sauce at her back. It’s unclear if the sauce was still in packaging or flying freely through the air.

The manager claims that the woman verbally assaulted him over the mistake in her order. He ended up admitting to chucking the sauce, however, and was arrested and charged with assault.

This isn’t the first time things have gotten physical at a fast food spot: there was the time a Taco Bell customer tossed a drink in an employee’s face, apparently unaware the restaurant had video cameras, and the McDonald’s customer who was accused of choking a drive-thru worker because he was tired of waiting for his change, just to name a few.

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