7-Eleven Takes Doritos Loaded On Tour, Inflicts Them On More Cities

doritos1aThe editors in Consumerist’s Washington, D.C. office are lovely and capable people, but we made them test the Doritos Loaded cheese-like food objects anyway when 7-Eleven was test-marketing them in our nation’s capital. Now people in more cities get to experience…whatever these things are.

Yes, Doritos Loaded have hit the road. The tour stopped in Dallas, Texas yesterday: we’re sorry that we didn’t alert you sooner, readers in Dallas. Or should we say, “you’re welcome”?

People in and near Los Angeles will have their chance to try Doritos Loaded from the chain’s roving food truck that promotes the new product. As of this writing, only the Dallas and Los Angeles stops have been scheduled.

The Dallas Morning News noted that exotic junk food offerings are a way for 7-Eleven to boost its income and attract more shoppers as fewer people buy cigarettes. In other words, 7-Eleven is trying to kill us all.

Doritos Loaded [7-Eleven]

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