Mac n’ Cheetos Now Available At Sheetz For Some Reason

Are you disappointed that you missed out on Mac n’ Cheetos during their fleeting availability at Burger King? No need to be sad: the orange breaded carbohydrate globs will be available at the regional convenience store chain Sheetz, which is useful if you happen to be traveling anywhere between Ohio and North Carolina.

We learned of this important breaking news from The Impulsive Buy, which catalogs new food products that are going to kill you and/or are pumpkin spice flavored. A reader of that site spotted the appetizer at Sheetz for $2.99.


We pretended to live in Sheetz country and checked the menu: indeed, they are a real thing you can order for pickup, but they cost $3.49 in Altoona, PA.


This can mean only one thing: Mac n’ Cheetos will be available alongside all of the other frozen mac and cheese options at your local Walmart, like the frozen versions of deep-fried Twinkies and Doritos Loaded.

FAST FOOD NEWS: Mac n’ Cheetos at Sheetz [The Impulsive Buy]

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