Goat On The Loose Stops For A Snack At Starbucks

Rohnert Park Department of Public Safety

(Rohnert Park Department of Public Safety)

It’s all good and great if you’re in need of a caffeine fix and you happen to possess hands and a human voice for ordering food and beverages, but despite having neither of those things, a goat in California managed to break free from her home and make her way to her local Starbucks in search of a snack.

The wayward goat, named Milly, came strolling into a Starbucks in Rohnert Park, CA on Sunday morning, the Santa Rosa Press Democrat reports, just before the sun came up.

“It’s not every day a goat walks into a Starbucks,” Rohnert Park police Sgt. Rick Bates told the paper. “The two girls were opening for business. … They tried to give the goat a banana, but it walked right past them.”

No bananas for Milly, no sir. She was more interested in a stack of cardboard boxes, which is where Sgt. Bates found her, chowing down on her snack, when he arrived on the scene around 5 a.m.

As it turns out, Milly wasn’t visiting from some far-off farm or animal refuge: she’s an 11-year-old pet goat who lives two doors down. Her 12-year-old owner said she got out by wriggling out of her leash and walking off from her sleeping area.

“When we heard, we thought she was a little crazy,” he said. “She’s a really happy and sweet goat. She’s also pretty curious.”

Milly’s family took her home from the animal shelter Sunday afternoon, and is resting at home with the family’s dog and six chickens. A new fence is in the works to keep her from straying in the future.

Milly isn’t the first animal to go adventuring in human retail land: we’ve seen sea lions, bears, more bears, deer, more deer, and coyotes take a walk on the tame side on the past.

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