Write An Essay, Win A Mortgage-Free Goat Cheese Farm With 85 Goats In Alabama

If there are two things we’ve discovered people really and truly go bonkers for, it’s writing competitions that reap rewards of property for the winner and goats performing jobs. Those two topics have come together in the story of an Alabama couple holding an essay-writing contest to decide who will win their fully functional, mortgage-free goat cheese farm — including its resident goat population of 85.

Here’s the deal: You write the winning essay, and the couple will hand over the farm, house all those goats and all the tools you need to run your own goat cheese business, reports WAAY-TV.

Why would they want to leave now, when their business is growing? Couldn’t making cheese be one of the ultimate ways to live your best life, hypothetically speaking?

The couple wants to move to Costa Rica to help missionaries start goat farms to help the needy there. They tried to sell the property they say is worth $350,000 but realized most people couldn’t afford that. So they changed gears.

They’d read about the Maine innkeeper giving away her establishment and decided to follow her lead: They cleared the plan with a lawyer first, and then announced that they’ll accept essays from people explaining why they want the farm, along with a $150 entry fee. If they get their goal of 2,500 they can cover the rest of the mortgage on the house and give the new owner $20,000 for start-up costs.

“Debt is one of the worst things you can have as a farmer,” he said.

“Not to say they won’t have struggles or stuff to figure out, but they are going to start with a product that has a following,” she added said. “They can pick it up and start running and I am so excited to see where they take it.”

Unversed in the art of making goat cheese? The couple says they’ll stick around to train anyone who wants to go for it and really succeed in the business.

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