Customer Says Car Wash Worker Wrote “B*tch Is Crazy” On Her Receipt

carwashreceiptI don’t work in human resources, but if I did I’d be sure that all applicants had to respond to the following hypothetical: “You’re annoyed at a customer (the reason doesn’t matter) and you have the opportunity to express that annoyance to said customer by scrawling an offensive note on a receipt that he or she will almost certainly see. Do you do it?”

Asking that question might have saved the owner of a Georgia car wash some public embarrassment after one of his employees allegedly voiced his opinion about a customer — specifically that “B*tch is crazy” — via a handwritten note on a receipt that was then placed on her windshield.

The customer tells WXIA-TV that she’d been disappointed by the $40 detailing job she’d paid for at the car wash, so she took it back to ask for a second effort.

“There was dog hair everywhere, still on the seats… The inside hadn’t been cleaned at all,” she explains. “The tires themselves hadn’t been cleaned.”

The manager agreed to redo the detailing, but when the customer went to get her daughter’s medicine out of her car while it was being wiped off, she spotted the offensive note.

“I started shaking. I started crying,” she tells WXIA. “I was like, what is this. How do people operate like this? How do you treat customers this way?”

The response from the manager was not what she’d hoped for.

“He said, ‘I don’t know who did it. I didn’t do it. I was in the back. Your car is ready,”‘ according to the customer.

When confronted by WXIA, that manager said he’d already apologized to the customer and the the employee involved will be fired. The customer says no apology was given.

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