Woman Settles Dunkin’ Donuts Hot Coffee Lawsuit For $522K

As long as chains and restaurants sell hot beverages sold, we’ll probably continue to hear about lawsuits tied to accidents with hot coffee, or hot cider, or any hot liquid. To wit: in a recent hot coffee lawsuit development, a woman who claimed she fell in the parking lot of a New Jersey Dunkin’ Donuts, spilling hot coffee on her face and neck, has settled with the chain for $522,000.

The woman’s case was scheduled to go to trial this month, her attorney told MyCentralJersey.com.

Unlike other cases involving liquid burns, the woman didn’t have a problem with how the coffee was served or packaged, but instead claimed that the Dunkin’ Donuts location didn’t maintain its property adequately: according to the lawsuit, she said she tripped over an exposed spike from a dislodged curb stop in the parking lot, while carrying multiple coffees she’d just purchased.

She suffered burns to her face and neck, the lawsuit said, and she also had cuts to her hand and knee from the fall. Her attorney says she sustained back and shoulder injuries that required surgery.

“Basic standards for parking lot maintenance are for the protection and safety of the general public,” her attorney told CNBC. “Allowing a metal spike to protrude out of the asphalt clearly violates these standards. Although it is never a replacement for health, [the plaintiff] is hopeful that the settlement will serve to remind business owners that their customer’s safety should always be a priority.”

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