Burger King Customer Upset At Profane Name On Receipt

It’s not clear how the party name “Bitch Ass Hoes” ended up on the Burger King receipt of a party of two women. Was it an employee’s prank for a friend that printed out for the wrong customer? Was the name not supposed to print out at all? Was the employee operating the register exceptionally rude? Burger King and the franchisee are investigating, and the grandmother who received the order remains upset.

“This is more than an insult. I mean calling you names on a piece of a paper, that will hurt somebody,” she told TV station WTVR. The customer says that the manager was horrified and apologized, and the worker at the register claimed to have no idea how the printed insult got there.

In a statement, Burger King Corporate told the station:

At Burger King Corp. (BKC) we have great respect for all of our guests and customer service is a top priority every day at BURGER KING® restaurants. BKC has recently been made aware of a photo that shows an alleged receipt from a franchisee-owned and operated restaurant that does not comply with our customer service policy. We are working with the franchisee, who is investigating the matter, to determine the origins of this photo.

Considering other examples of insults and ethnic slurs that we’ve seen on receipts over the years, we’re not so sure that this is an elaborate Photoshop job.

  • Profane Burger King receipt moves Richmond grandmother to tears
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