Papa John's Receipt Identifies Asian Customer Using Racial Slur

In a busy food-service establishment, it’s understandable to refer to customers by nicknames or a shorthand. However, problems arise when these nicknames actually appear on the customer’s receipt. Just ask a New York Papa John’s that’s been plagued with prank calls since a receipt identifying a customer of Asian descent as “Lady Chinky Eyes” hit Twitter.

A manager at the Papa John’s in question explained to the New York Post:

It’s a busy place, and it was a way to identify her and her order. You know, we do stuff like that sometimes. We’ll write ‘the lady with the blue eyes’ or ‘the guy in the green shirt.’

The teenage employee responsible for the moniker has been fired, according to a Papa John’s corporate tweet.


The question of why someone would purchase Papa John’s pizza while living in New York City remains unanswered.

Out of ‘order’
[New York Post] (Thanks, Joe!)
Original Tweet [Twitter]

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