California Restaurant Settles Suit Over Racial Slurs Written On Receipts

A California man sued a restaurant in federal court, accusing it of discrimination for leaving racial epithets on his receipts. Weeks before the case was set to be heard by a jury, the restaurant and the customer reached a settlement with undisclosed terms.

According to the Orange County Weekly, the settlement came only after a judge allowed the plaintiff’s lawyers to search the restaurant’s receipts database for signs of widespread racism. Examples of the racist names the restaurant server apparently assigned to the customer are too revolting to repeat here, but if you really want to see them you can check out the source story.

In a deposition, a part-owner of the restaurant said the establishment does not “discriminate against any group of people on any basis whatsoever.”

Case of the “McStinkyNigger” Orange County Restaurant Receipt Settles [Orange County Weekly via MSNBC]

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