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Some McDonald’s Locations Exchanging Free Egg McMuffins For Taco Bell Breakfast Receipts

If you’re the kind of person for whom a second breakfast is a matter of course, you might want to consider moving to northeastern Pennsylvania in the next few days: Some McDonald’s locations there have been offering up free Egg McMuffins this month in exchange for Taco Bell breakfast receipts. [More]

Eggs destined for McDonald's.

Why Is The Egg In A McMuffin Round (And Is It Even A Real Egg?)

In its latest installment of, “Don’t be freaked out by our food” videos, McDonald’s is taking on the question of whether or not it uses real eggs. Because if you’ve ever wondered or heard that the egg in a McMuffin is round because it was sliced off some kind of mechanically formed roll of egg-like stuff, you’re not alone. [More]

McDonald’s Continues To Tease Possibility Of Extended Breakfast Hours

McDonald’s Continues To Tease Possibility Of Extended Breakfast Hours

Fans of the Mc10:35 — that combo burger/McMuffin sandwich that McDonald’s customers can only make when ordering during the change-over between the breakfast and lunch menus — may have to rename their favorite fast food item. The Golden Arches says it is indeed considering the possibility of extending the hours it serves breakfast to customers. [More]


Don’t Block The McDonald’s Drive-Thru Just Because You Can’t Get Free Breakfast

We understand that it can be annoying when you have a craving for a certain fast food item, only to realize it isn’t available because of time constraints. But police say an intoxicated woman took that a few steps too far by blocking the McDonald’s drive-thru early Sunday morning in her quest for Big Macs, or at least, a free breakfast. [More]

The folded egg-like thing on the biscuit sandwich (left) can be replaced by the fresh-cooked egg usually reserved for the McMuffin. (Photos: Morton Fox, Morton Fox)

Get McDonald’s To Replace That Folded Egg Thing With The Real Deal Just By Asking

Just about everyone knows that the fresh-cooked egg on an Egg McMuffin is superior to the squarish, folded yellow thing you find on other breakfast items under the Golden Arches. But not everyone knows that you don’t have to take the lesser egg option just because you’re not going the McMuffin route. [More]


McDonald’s Tries To Healthy-Up The McMuffin With “Egg White Delight”

Since the dawn of Yuppies, people have been asking for egg-white omelets and other egg-white only options for their breakfasts. It took a while, but McDonald’s is finally dipping its toes into the egg white water with tests of something called the Egg White Delight. [More]

Burger King Challenges McMuffin With New Breakfast Sandwich

Burger King Challenges McMuffin With New Breakfast Sandwich

For decades, the fast food muffin sandwich market has been dominated by McDonald’s. But yesterday, Burger King launched a full-on attack on the McMuffin with the launch of their new Breakfast Muffin. [More]