Does My Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Me In The Event Of A Sharknado?

sharknadoI don’t watch a lot of action movies, because I’m that Debbie Downer who’s always thinking about how much it must suck to be, say, a claims adjuster in Manhattan after the events of “The Avengers.” So I was glad that our colleagues down the hall at Consumer Reports raised an important question: does my insurance cover me in the event of a sharknado?

“Sharknado,” as you must know if you’ve spent more than thirty seconds online in the last week, was one of SyFy’s original movies about deeply implausible yet secretly awesome disasters and how humanity deals with them. It got aired for the first time last week and received online attention out of proportion to its actual ratings, but raises an important question: if a tornado flung human-eating sharks at your house, how would your insurance company deal with the damage?

They would look at the claim as a combination of two things: a wind event, which also includes cyclones and hurricanes, and a falling object. That is, the shark. If a shark fell on and damaged your car, that would be covered under a comprehensive policy just as if you had collided with a deer or a bird.

Good news: Homeowners insurance covers a sharknado [Consumer Reports]

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