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Don’t Block The McDonald’s Drive-Thru Just Because You Can’t Get Free Breakfast

We understand that it can be annoying when you have a craving for a certain fast food item, only to realize it isn’t available because of time constraints. But police say an intoxicated woman took that a few steps too far by blocking the McDonald’s drive-thru early Sunday morning in her quest for Big Macs, or at least, a free breakfast. [More]

McDonald's Remote Ordering System Is Gaining Popularity

McDonald's Remote Ordering System Is Gaining Popularity

In 2006 we reported that McDonald’s was testing a system in which drive-thru orders were being taken by employees at a remote location, usually in another state altogether. Nearly 2 years later, the system has proven successful in some areas and is being used in over half of the McDonald’s in Hawaii, according to KITV. Apparently, the system enhances the speed and accuracy of orders and most customers don’t even realize the difference. More, inside…