Crest Pro-Health Mouthwash Still Taking Out Tastebuds

Four years after we first published stories about Crest Pro-Health mouthwash doing scary things to people’s mouths, the product is still on the market. And it’s doing scary things to customers’ mouths to this day, 48 hours per day. One of those customers is reader Maria’s mom, who lost her sense of taste after using the product. A week later, she still wasn’t interested in eating.

My mother fell “victim” to Crest mouthwash about a week ago when, after swishing it a bit, she lost senstaion in her tastebuds. It was immediate. Now, whenever she eats, she has a sickening metallic taste in her mouth. My poor mom has practically stopped eating beacuse it makes her so sick .I’m devastated, my once vital mom now looks sickly everyday.

I saw THOUSANDS of complaints on the internet describing these exact symptoms and this poison is still on the matrket with the FDA’s approval. I am not satisfied with simply boycotting Crest, they must be held accountable.

If your tastebuds are still unconscious after a week or so, consider seeing a doctor. And calling Crest for a refund, then reporting the product to the FDA.


Not to be flip about it, but maybe you guys should consider taking this same product and re-branding it as a diet aid. You could be selling just another mouthwash, or you could be sitting on a gold mine here.

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