Justifications For Going Into Debt

It’s usually wise to avoid spending your way into the red, but sometimes it makes more sense to go wild and take on some debt rather than play things conservatively.

Len Penzo dot Com offers three reasons that justify personal deficit spending.

One instance is starting your own business. If you’re determined to go that route, debt will most likely be part of your lifestyle for the first few years. If you wait until you can pay cash to indulge your fantastic idea, it may well be obsolete by the time you can finally get to it. Even in the worst-case scenario, in which you end up losing everything, at least you won’t be troubled by gnawing regret for having failed to take a chance.

Check out the source story for examples of when you should indulge your travel plans, as well as urges to live more extravagantly.

3 Personal Finance Instances When Deficit Spending Is a Good Idea [Len Penzo dot Com]

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