Crest Refunds Teeth-Staining Mouthwash

For customer’s teeth stained brown by by Crest Pro-Health Mouthwash, Crest is refunding their bottles of mouthwash, but you have to push for them to pay for it. Reader Peter called the 1-800-285-9139 Crest number we posted about. “The rep was very aware of the situation & asked for some #s off the bottles I had. I had purchased 2 huge bottles from COSTCO,” Peter writes. “He offered to send some coupons. I told him that I wanted a full refund. He immediately said he would do so & is sending me a check for almost $16.” So not only will they pay for your cleaning if your insurance doesn’t cover it, they’ll give you your money back for buying the stuff. Good. Now how about taking it off the market?

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