McDonald’s Customers Have Been Finding Some Pretty Gross Stuff In Their Food

Image courtesy of Mike Mozart

First of all: if you’re getting ready to eat lunch, be warned that we are about to discuss some gross stuff happening to food. Got it? Great. Now that you’ve girded your stomachs, it’s our distinct displeasure to call attention to crawly things that McDonald’s customers have reported finding in their food.

Guess I’ll Go Eat Some Worms…

Customers of two McDonald’s 25 miles away from each other in Kentucky reported finding worms in their burgers, WPSD Local 6 reports. One customer says a worm fell out of her burger as she went to take a bit from it, and wriggled over to her son’s food.

“If I hadn’t seen that worm, my son would have eaten that, because it was already on top of his sandwich,” she told the station. “That’s how close he came to eating it.”

She called and complained, and said McDonald’s sent her a $10 gift card in the mail — which isn’t enough for her, as she says she wants the health department to inspect the restaurant. After the station reached out to McDonald’s to find out why all these worms are showing up, the company sent a statement that doesn’t say much:

“We are currently investigating this matter. Food quality and safety are a top priority for us. We will continue to take all appropriate measures to gather all facts and resolve the matter.”

Meanwhile, in Indiana, a woman said she was taking a sip of her Diet Coke from McDonald’s on Wednesday, when she felt something she shouldn’t have.

“I took a big swig. My brain couldn’t identify what was in my mouth,” she told FOX-59.

That thing was a worm… and she sucked it up through the straw, before immediately spitting it out, she says. She posted photos to Facebook and then went back to McDonald’s, where she poke to the store owner. He said he couldn’t do much other than offer a refund, or “free Diet Coke for life,” he joked.

She told the news station that she feels like her concerns weren’t taken seriously, though the owner took a photo of the worm and said he’d send it to corporate for testing.

A Snail Tale

There may be a snail missing its house in Virginia, after a customer reported finding a snail shell sitting in the bottom of her iced tea cup, reports CBS 19.

“I’m not certain what it was,” she said, noting that she was “horrified.” “But I actually picked it up, and I was a little shocked to see that it was at the bottom of the tea that I just drank the entire cup.”

The local health department is investigating, and McDonald’s is aware of the incident, though the company didn’t provide a comment to the news outlet.

A health inspection dated July 19 found five violations, with inspectors noting that McDonald’s has been having a critical issue with pest control. In a strange twist of gross, wormy fate, in 2014, another customer reported finding a worm in their iced tea at the same location.

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