20 Photos Of Kids Who Absolutely Cannot Stand That Santa Claus Guy

It’s a truth universally acknowledged, that despite the fact that millions of kids worship Santa Claus and his present-bringing powers, many of those children are terrified of meeting the guy. And when they do, their parents are often treated to some truly fantastic meltdowns (which are then captured on camera for posterity).

It’s a gift that keeps on giving — kids get over their fear, and these screaming, caterwauling tiny humans grow up to be fully-functioning adults who can not only share their past encounters with the bearded one, but set the wheels in motion with their spawn as well.

We asked for your photos of these encounters, and you answered. So without further ado, we present this year’s crop of kiddos temporarily driven teary by their encounter with Kris Kringle.

1. Misa: Here’s young Misa getting her first picture with Santa at a Washington D.C., mall. Her dad Haskell thinks Misa has the classic, finger-in-the-mouth cry going on, “while Santa has the look of a seasoned veteran, who has seen it all before (and is probably ready for a drink).”

He adds that this Santa was sporting a real beard and mustache, as well. “This guy is legit!”

2. Quinton: “We plan on using this photo as blackmail when he’s in high school like good little parents should,” dad Derek writes. He says it was his son’s first time meeting Santa, who was “pretty cool.”

His younger brother slept through his turn with Santa, but not Quinton. Quinton was fearing for his life. “As you can see from the picture our oldest thought Santa was going to eat him or that we were giving him to Santa or something,” Derek says.

3. Franklin: This was 20-month-old Franklin’s second time with the same Santa he met last year, and as you can see, the visit had “the same tearful results,” mom Amanda notes.

4. Amanda: In a gesture that shows parents are also willing to poke fun at themselves, Franklin’s mom Amanda shared a photo of her own scary encounter with St. Nick at age two. She writes: “My teenage sister Alison is also in this picture and is partially sitting on me to keep me on Santa’s lap.”

5. Landon: Dad Bryan says his 14-month-old son has never clamped on to him tighter than when he was handing him over to “a strange and unfamiliar man with a large beard and funny outfit.”

Though Landon was perfectly calm while waiting in line, and even upon approaching Santa, once his father tried to hand him off, “he started climbing as high as he could up and away from Santa. Needless to say, my other two kids loved it!”

6. Nathaniel: One-year-old Nathaniel was “not amused at all” by his visit to Santa, mom Crista writes. “He must have thought he was on the naughty list for playing in the cat’s water bowl, pulling daddy’s glasses off, and trying to lick handles on grocery carts.” He won’t make those mistakes again.

7. Haiden: “I had a little hope in me that my son would pull through and I’ve never been more wrong,” Jaime writes of her son’s first time meeting the Man in Red.

8. Alexander: Young Alexander was only 10 months old when this photo chronicling his holiday dismay was taken, mom Shannon says. It’s unclear if this year, with another 12 months under his belt, he’s ready to face Santa again. 8alexandershannon

9. Sebastian: In this photo from 2008, Sebastian was just 8 months old when he visited the neighborhood firehouse’s Santa, and was “a bit excited and nervous from the sirens,” dad Robert writes, noting that Santa has a rolling living room.

“We lifted him up to get a picture and he lasted for about 10 seconds before he erupted,” Robert recalls.

10. Cristi’s daughter: Mom Cristi didn’t mention her daughter’s name when she submitted this photo to Consumerist, but she did note that she was 11 months old, and “it was sheer terror for her.”

Cristi and Santa both tried their best to convince the baby girl to smile, but finally gave up “and decided to just go with it.” Hey, a treasured memory is a treasured memory, right?

11. Colin: Dad Zach says his 17-month-old son was “far from impressed with Santa this year.” So much so, he had to peel his son’s hands off his jacket just to get the photo.

“The sheer terror was both hilarious and heartbreaking. Luckily, he survived his encounter.” Good work, Colin. Here’s to hoping next year is easier.

12. Willa: It’s one thing to know about Santa, and an entirely different matter to meet him face-to-face. Willa’s mom Lindsay says her daughter talks about Jolly Old St. Nick and even says “ho ho ho,” but “was scared out of her mind when she sat on his lap. Santa was a good sport.”

13. Jack: Mom Kelly was pretty impressed with her son’s first visit to see Santa in Dec. 2013 — well, with the red-suited guy, at least, writing, “That dude was a PRO. Not only did he not drop my kid, he smiled the whole time.”

Jack, however, was not so pleased at the time. Not to worry, Kelly adds “He’s now 4 and goes bonkers at the sight of Santa. This mama didn’t raise no dummies — he knows Santa = presents and acts accordingly.”

14. Abigail and twins Alice & William: Are two-year-old twins Alice and William sharing a psychic connection? No, they just both know they don’t like this Santa guy, while sister Abigail is likely beaming at the thought of the presents the old man will bring on Dec. 25.

15. Elliot and Parker: Jessica says it was her son Parker’s first time meeting Santa, and that it took her five minutes to calm him down after this photo was taken.

“My oldest had a great time, though!” she adds. Again, with age comes wisdom.

16. Jackson: Here we have a repeat entrant — everyone, welcome back Jackson, who was included in last year’s roundup, and remains solidly opposed to meeting Santa

“Still not feeling the Christmas spirit,” says his father Rob. You’ll get him next year, Jackson. We believe in you.

17. Aubrey: Aubrey’s mom Marianne didn’t provide any anecdotal details about her daughter’s trip to visit Santa, but really, there’s no need when the look on Aubrey’s face does such a good job of telling her story.

18. Miles and Ethan: This face is called the, “You left me!” face, according to dad Patrick.

19. Grace, Lander, and Caleb: Two-week-old Grace is fine with Santa, and 4-year-old Lander is handling things well, but 22-month-old Caleb, well… Caleb chose the floor over that lap.

Mom Michelle says,”Or maybe he just found out about the naughty list?”

20. Cecelia, Sophia & Layla: “This photo captures our girls’ personalities perfectly, mom Laura writes. Her older daughter Cecilia is “sweet-talking” Santa, while Sophia is “losing her you-know-what.”

Meanwhile, Layla is “over the whole thing and just wants the cookie we promised.” All in all, this photo is “by far” Laura’s favorite photo of her kids.

Bonus Photo — Knox: Let’s once again gaze upon the fury of this year’s poster child for scary Santa encounters, Knox.

Thank you to all parents who submitted photos this year, and have a Merry Christmas!

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