Fast Food Restaurants Seek To Fan The Flames Of Love This Valentine's Day

Besides the fact that it’s Tuesday, today also happens to be Valentine’s Day. And although we already told you to stay home for dinner, you and your loved one might have the sudden urge for a last-minute meal on the town. Reservations at Chateau Fancy might be hard to come by, but fast food will always be there for you.

It’s probably too late to order up one of those $10,000 Pizza Hut proposal kits, but plenty of chains are offering romantically-inclined specials to entice lovers, reports the L.A. Times. And they’re pulling out all the stops, from actual tablecloths to you guessed it, heart-shaped food.

White Castle is offering candlelit dinners with table service tonight for price-sensitive consumers that still want a dash of the special treatment, while some Chick-fil-A locations will also feature mood lighting. And if breakfast for dinner is your bag, various Waffle House restaurants are serving up white tablecloths, candles and a special Valentine’s Day menu.

So what do we have for dessert, my sweet little sugar plum? Dunkin’ Donuts is going with not one, but two heart-shaped doughnuts to nibble daintily on in front of the firelight.

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