Judge Really Thought No One Would Catch Her Dismissing Her Own Parking Tickets

Silly judge, the law is for everyone, not just the plebeians you rule over on a daily basis. A Pennslyvania Magisterial District judge was totally busted for dismissing her own parking violations, which she racked up with her BMW.

The state’s attorney general says she’ll face criminal charges of conflict of interest, tampering with public records and obstruction charges in the case, reports Reuters.

She reportedly had two tickets from November 2010 for parking violations, and a third ticket for an out-of-date registration, and had failed to pay those tickets on time. So instead of showing up according to the summonses she received, she simply logged on to the online court system records and zap! — erased those violations.

She was arraigned and released on $25,000 bond, ostensibly under the orders of another judge. Because if she’d done it herself, no one would ever know any of this had ever happened.

Judge busted for dismissing her own traffic tickets [Reuters]

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