Waffle House Fires Workers Caught On Camera Running A Kitchen Hair Salon

There are a few businesses where customers might expect to witness employees performing grooming rituals, of course. But because a restaurant is definitely not a salon, two Arkansas Waffle House workers were fired after customers filmed them doing stuff with hair in the kitchen.

Two customers said they found hair in the food while eating at Waffle House last week, reports WREG, with one saying the other was “pulling strings of hair out of his mouth.”

One of the customers then recorded two employees involved in activities you should only do at home or in the salon.

“She dipped her hair down in the pot and when it came back up she was drying it off with one of the towels,” one of the witnesses said.

When WREG asked the store’s manager about the incident, he said the workers in the video were fired, and that what they’d done was unacceptable.

Waffle House corporate issued a statement as well, saying the company found out about it from a Facebook message, and reached out to the management team.

“After identifying the parties involved, they were immediately terminated,” Waffle House told WREG. “The health department has been out to the restaurant for an inspection which it passed, and they have closed the case. We do not tolerate these behaviors and strive to provide a clean, safe environment for all our customers.”

Employees caught doing hair in Waffle House kitchen [WREG]

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