What's The Most Frugal Thing Your Dad Ever Did?

In honor of Father’s Day, the Year of Shopping Detox blogger took time to celebrate her frugal father this weekend. She goes so far as to say her dad is more frugal than yours. Here are some of the things she remembers him doing when she was growing up:

* Bought “profoundly unattractive” eyeglass frames at Salvation Army for $.25 and put his prescription lenses in them for reading at home.
* Refused to buy a car for years, and when he got a job an hour outside the city, he bought a bulk amount of Greyhound bus tickets.
* Despite having a full-time paying job, also collected cans and bottles and would turn them in for redemption money. The extra $1000 or so a year he got from it he would use as “free money” to spend at garage sales.

It seems that one key to being frugal is to not care what you look like or people think of you. (That’s not a dig).

What’s the coolest, most frugal thing you can remember your dad doing to save money?

Day 169: The Patron Saint of Forgotten Things [The Year of Shopping Detox]

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