Walmart Shopper Jumps On Hood Of Getaway Car To Prevent Beer Heist

We’ve run our fair share of stories of Walmart employees whose anti-crime heroics got them into trouble, but now comes the story of a customer who decided she was going to succeed where Walmart loss prevention staff failed.

“I’m just sick of the lawlessness,” the 42-year-old woman, whose last name is actually Lawless, tells the Houston Chronicle. On Sunday, she had been at the Walmart checkout line when she spotted three young men she believed to be pilfering three cases of beer from the store. She alerted the store staff and a greeter was briefly able to slow down two of the men before they escaped out to the parking lot.

“They knew their chances of getting caught were slim to none. Those kids would have gotten away with it, celebrated their theft and probably continue to do it,” says the customer, who ran out into the parking lot and did her best to halt the shoplifters’ escape.

“I just started running towards the car, jumped on the hood and was kicking at the front windshield, trying to kick the windshield in,” she recalls. “Then I jumped on the roof and tried to kick in the sunroof, and in the meantime they’re just laughing.”

The three men were eventually arrested, facing charges of felony evading arrest and aggravated robbery.

A local police captain does not recommend this sort of behavior:

In this case, it was not a good thing to do… While we appreciate the sentiment, she put herself in grave danger with this theft. She did get injured but it could have been worse.

According to the Chronicle, the woman suffered a scratched face, broken lip and scrapes and bruises to her legs.

Five-finger discount wasn’t to her liking []

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