Last-Minute Father’s Day Gift Of Scratch-Off Ticket Reaps $1 Million Payout

While it might seem like picking up Pop a lottery ticket for Father’s Day is the kind of thing you do last-minute, well, it might be. But even last-minute selections can reap big rewards: A dad in Pennsylvania received $1 million in a Father’s Day card from his daughter, after her gift of a scratch-off ticket turned out to be a winner.

Though she always buys her dad a sentimental card for Father’s Day, this year the lucky winner’s daughter grabbed a lottery ticket to go along with her loving sentiments, reports the Tribune-Review. Her mom says she’d forgotten to get a gift and felt bad, so she told her daughter to buy a ticket along with the card.

He scratched his ticket and uncovered a space reading “payout.” Okay, dad thought. But what does that mean? His daughter knew.

“She starts screaming her head off,” he told the Tribune-Review. “ ‘You’re a millionaire!’ ”

“Everybody on both sides of the street heard my scream,” she added.

Pennsylvania Lottery authorities confirmed the win yesterday, after the story about his reward on Tuesday.

The 61-year-old truck driver says he’d been counting down the days until he could retire after 31 years, and now that day will come early. He’s planning on buying another muscle car to join his 1960s Chevrolet Bel Air.

“It still hasn’t settled in. When I see the check in my hand, then I’ll believe it,” he said.

Jeannette man wins $1M prize from Father’s Day gift of lottery ticket [The Tribune-Review]

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