Drive-Thru Line For First In-N-Out In Texas Stretches Down Highway

YouTube user kylecorley captured on video the extremely long line at lunchtime for the drive-thru at the first In-N-Out burger in Texas on opening day this week. It goes way way way down the highway leading up to the joint. We’re sure that just like when Krispy Kreme places first opened out west, those lines are here to stay.

Explaining the chain’s appeal is difficult. The food itself gets great Zagats reviews, part of which may be due to the chain’s “no frozen” policy. And despite going national, In-N-Out is still family-owned and retains quixotic design elements. The ads, artwork and employee uniforms are a throwback to 1950’s and 60’s styles. The packaging also contains discreet references to Bible verses.

In this era of mass-produced lowest common denominator everything, maybe people just appreciate the freshness and character and the nostalgic touches that still haven’t been ironed out. Though I think tearing up over a greasy burger is overkill.

(Thanks to Andrew!)

Lady Weeps With Joy As First Texas In-N-Out Burger Opens

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