This Isn't A Frozen Green Bean, It's A Chunk Of Garter Snake

Remember the animal head that a Houston family found inside a bag of frozen Pictsweet green beans? The family was convinced that the animal was a snake, though experts thought that it was a frog. Maybe they were right after all, and the animal was a snake…because a different part of a snake was found inside another bag of Pictsweet green beans in Wisconsin. What part? Well, it’s not the head, and it’s not the end, but it was conveniently cut to the same length as the green beans.

It was a section of garter snake, the same diameter as the beans and mechanically cut to about an inch in length like the rest of the bag’s contents.

The beans had been bought at a major chain store and packaged by the Bells, Tenn.-based Pictsweet Company.

A “grossed out” Guist searched the entire bag but found no other parts among the beans.

“Where did the rest of the snake go?” she wondered.

Open up your freezers, America: The search is on! Maybe Pictsweet should just start labeling the bags “Now with more protein!” and call the green beans a new health food.

Do you want pictures? Here’s your picture.


Part of snake found in bag of frozen green beans [LaCrosse Tribune] (Thanks, David!)

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