Walmart Frozen Green Beans Come With Free Frog

Mmm, delicious green beans! Oh wait, what’s that? Kermit, nooooooo!

A woman in Tyler, TX found a surprise waiting for her in the bottom of her “Great Value” green beans from Walmart— a frozen frog.

From KLTV:

“Thank goodness I had put butter in the bottom of the bowl,” said Erbaugh. “I went to stir it and there’s this brown clump.”

The good news is that she has a sense of humor about it.

“That’s a frog!” she said. “Or worse than that, it’s part of a frog – 75% of it. They didn’t even give me the frog legs with it.”

Yeah, you know what? The legs are the good part. What a ripoff.

The reporter talked to a Northeast Texas Public Health District official who told them: “When you’re washing field vegetables, you’re going to get certain little pieces and parts, but we certainly don’t want something so large you can identify what it is.”

I’m going to have to sort of disagree with her here… If I’m going to have mysterious dead things in my beans — I would rather be able to identify what they are. That’s just my personal preference.

Woman finds frog in frozen veggies [KLTV](Thanks, Courtney!)

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