Our Top 13 Grossest Food Stories Of All Time

Tales of unacceptable food don’t just appeal to our more prurient interests. They do hit the “eww, can’t look away!” center of the brain quite squarely, but these stories do more than that. They give us an uncomfortable insight into the complexity of the Western food supply, how industrialized and automated food processing really is, and how underpaid restaurant staff can be really obnoxious sometimes. Fast-food employees in particular.

In that spirit of public education and outreach, here are 13 of the grossest food-related stories from the last four years and change of The Consumerist. Enjoy. Learn. Try not to vomit.

This post does contain pictures, but they’re tiny and it’s difficult to determine what’s in them. Well, mostly.

Thumbnail image for kfctacobell.jpgCustomer Claims There Was Human Blood in Her Taco Bell
A customer of a Louisville KFC/Taco Bell is claiming that smears of human blood were all over her order. ” Briana Ralston says she and her 1-year-old daughter were already home, had already eaten part of their dinner by the time they discovered what looks like human blood on the bag and wrappers — even where the wrappers came into contact with the food.”

This Kmart Bacon Is Excellent, But Could Use Some More Fat
Your first instinct will be to say, “Simon, fat is the point of bacon.” Then you will look at the picture above and realize that your second instinct, to vomit, is in fact, the correct one.

Applebee’s Apple Walnut Chicken Salad, Now With Free Insect Leg
“You all know me. I am, in general, not one to complain and pretty much have a positive outlook on life. Well, something so disgusting happened to yours truly today that I just can’t keep it to myself and wanted you all to be aware…”

Reader Says He Found Brains In His KFC
This is probably deep-fried small intestine, according to commenters, for some of whom finding this in their KFC is apparently a common occurrence.

Dead Bugs Found In Health Valley Soup
We asked Elaine if she took it back to Publix and she said, ‘Honestly, I was so disgusted that I couldn’t fathom putting that thing in my car. I threw it away.” Ew.

Thumbnail image for steaktoupee.jpg
Texas Roadhouse Steak Stuffed With Pubic Hair
According to the criminal complaint, later that night Kropp placed hair in a second steak, turned to a co-worker, and announced, “These are my pubes.” The cook was charged with a felony count of putting a foreign object in food, punishable by a max of 3.5 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

Customer Claims McDonald’s Gave Her Mucus-Filled Iced Tea
Say you’re driving along sipping your iced tea when you suddenly realize that your mouth is full of something slimy. You would probably freak out. One McDonald’s customer says this happened to her and she is definitely freaking out.

Snakehead Found In T.G.I.F. Sandwich
“I wasn’t too alarmed when I came across a gray mass under the broccoli. Many restaurants include mushrooms in their veggie selection. It was when I noticed the green spots, and then the mouth that I became alarmed.

It was a decomposed reptile head.”

Pardon Me, But There Is A Mouse In This Can Of Diet Pepsi Good News,That Dead Mouse In Your Diet Pepsi Was Actually A Toad

His wife told WFTV, “He made a face. I was sitting there and he said it tasted awful and something wasn’t right.” According to the couple, there was what appeared to be a mouse inside the can.

Here’s how they described it.

“We’re not sure what it is. It was pink. It looks like spaghetti. It’s really sick,” the wife said.

Man Claims To Have Found Condom In Soup
A man in Mission Viejo, California, says when he began eating his french onion soup over Easter brunch at the restaurant Claim Jumper, he bit into something rubbery. He “spit out the piece of cheese only to discover he had been chewing on what his wife claimed was a condom.”

Loaf Of Bread Comes With Baked-In Rodent Goodness
Back in 2007, a man in Northern Ireland opened up a loaf of bread and found a whole, mercifully dead, rat. (The BBC is reporting that it’s a mouse, but it’s either a giant mutant mouse or a rat.)

Walmart Frozen Green Beans Come With Free Frog
Mmm, delicious green beans! Oh wait, what’s that? Kermit, nooooooo!

A woman in Tyler, TX found a surprise waiting for her in the bottom of her “Great Value” green beans from Walmart— a frozen frog.

froggie.jpgThis Weight Watchers Meal Includes A Free Frozen Frog
Noreen tells Consumerist that she made an exciting discovery yesterday. Her Weight Watchers Smart Ones frozen meal, a fettucine alfredo dish that is supposed to be meatless, included a free protein-rich side dish. A tiny frog!

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