Girl Claims McDonald’s In Wales Served Her A McFrog Wrap

A few years ago, when frogs and pieces of frogs began turning up in frozen vegetables all over the country, we came to refer to any unwanted animal or animal part found in one’s food as “free frogs.” The term literally came true in Wales last week. A 10-year-old girl says that she took a great big bite of frog in her wrap over the weekend, but McDonald’s claims that it’s “unlikely” that the frog was put in there along with the vegetables.

McDonald’s UK is one of the chain’s current successes, winning over customers by serving fresher food and cutting back on ingredients, the same formula that the chain is hoping will work over on this side of the Atlantic. McDonald’s even imported their UK CEO, Steve Easterbrook, to run the entire company earlier this year.

McDonald’s wraps consist of chicken and sauce with a generous helping of lettuce and other vegetables. The family says that their daughter took a big bite of her wrap that included the frog, spat out what seemed like a gristly piece of chicken, and then freaked out when she saw a frog.

The family didn’t bring the wrap back to the restaurant because they were traveling, and instead contacted customer service later. They offered a refund, but not an apology, which bothered the girl’s dad. Also, McDonald’s wanted the wrap and the frog to investigate.

Little crunchy raw unboned real dead frogs don’t often appear in salads in the UK, apparently, and a McDonald’s spokesperson told The Sun that the frog most likely didn’t get wrapped in the wrap at the restaurant. “Our wraps are freshly prepared when ordered and it is extremely unlikely this originated from our restaurant and there is no evidence to suggest otherwise at this stage,” they explained.

The girl rather understandably doesn’t want to go to McDonald’s anymore. Neither does the rest of the family. They’re holding on to the wrap instead of surrendering it to McDonald’s, which is kind of a problem. “It’s all wrapped up in an outside fridge at the moment,” the girl’s mother explained. “It’s starting to smell but we need to preserve it.”

Dead frog ‘found in McDonald’s chicken wrap’ by horrified 10-year-old girl [Mirror]

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