Oh Look, There's A Severed Frog Head In My Green Beans

There’s some disagreement about the identity of the creature whose head ended up in a Texas family’s frozen green beans. Is it a frog? Is it a snake? The family and the vegetable manufacturer disagree, but we do know that it is quite obviously not a bean. (Warning: picture and video inside.)

“I saw something in there I wasn’t for sure what it was. I thought it was a rock because it was hard,” Jamison said.

But upon further review, the Jamison family concluded the green and black frozen object nestled in their dinner was a severed snake head.

“When I saw it was a snake’s head I just threw it down and called my kids and said I got a snake head in the green beans, everybody said ‘Oh lord, you got a snake head in the green beans’,” Jamison said.

frog lurking in green beansThe manufacturer of the beans, Tennessee’s Pictsweet, at first offered the family $150, then conferred with their insurance company and determined that they have no liability. Besides, they noted, the animal wasn’t a snake as the family had initially thought. It was a frog. That is totally different.

If you’re a regular Consumerist reader, you may be scratching your head, thinking, “haven’t I heard this story before?” No. You have not. Back in July, we posted a story about a different family who found their very own partial frog in their frozen green beans in another town in Texas, about 200 miles away. Clearly we have an epidemic here on par with 2001’s Summer of the Shark.

Frogs, we love you. Alive. And whole. (Or your legs, cooked and on a plate.) But not random raw frog parts in our frozen vegetables. Please.

Mother Finds Animal Head in Frozen Veggies [Fox Phoenix] (Thanks to everyone who sent this in!)

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