Good News,That Dead Mouse In Your Diet Pepsi Was Actually A Toad

Remember the purported mouse that a man in Florida purportedly found in his can of Pepsi? Lab tests are back, and it turns out that it wasn’t actually a mouse.

If you’re of a delicate disposition, go read our Cash4Gold investigation again. Or look at this post on Cute Overload. Trust us. Do not proceed.

…FDA tests show that the animal, which the finders said resembled “pink spaghetti” by the time it reached them, wasn’t a mouse. It was a gutted frog or toad.

It was a what now?

The DeNegris took pictures before calling poison control and the FDA, which showed up the next day to examine the can in question and collect it for lab testing.

The couple received a copy of the completed report last week from the Food and Drug Administration Office of Regulatory Affairs, which concluded the foreign matter appeared to be a frog or a toad.

“The animal was lacking internal organs normally found in the abdominal and thoracic cavity,” the report notes.

A second, closed can from the same 36-pack of Diet Pepsi from Sam’s Club, was also submitted for testing, according to Amy DeNegri. No abnormalities were detected, the report states.

That’s great. The problem is that nobody, including Pepsi, knows how a frog, much less a gutted frog, could have possibly found its way into the production line. This is not comforting.

FDA says residue is frog or toad; how did it get in Pepsi can? [CNN]

(Photo: bionicteaching)

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