This Weight Watchers Meal Includes A Free Frozen Frog

Noreen tells Consumerist that she made an exciting discovery yesterday. Her Weight Watchers Smart Ones frozen meal, a fettucine alfredo dish that is supposed to be meatless, included a free protein-rich side dish. A tiny frog!

Noreen writes:

I have been eating a Weight Watcher’s Smart One for lunch just about every day of 2010. After microwaving yesterday’s Fettuccini Alfredo, I peeled back the plastic cover to find a small frog nestled among the broccoli. Ugh!

Weight Watchers graciously offered me coupons good toward the purchase of future products which I declined as I never intend to eat a SmartOne product again. They then reluctantly agreed to refund the price of the meal that included the frog. After first being told that they would not offer any refund for the as-yet-uneaten SmartOnes in my freezer because they were certain in was a one-time occurrence, I was told that WW might consider refunding those purchases but only if I could provide the UPC codes and receipts.

In addition to wondering just how a practically intact frog winds up in a frozen meal, I am left to ponder just how many points there are in frog. Oh well, the diet worked yesterday since all I could manage to eat was a 100 calorie yogurt.

What is it with frogs in food this year? They’ve showed up in a salad, frozen green beans, and their cousin, a toad, showed up in a can of Pepsi. Oh, well, at least it wasn’t a decomposed snake head.

Pictures? Of course we have pictures.


Update, 2/2/10: A PR representative for the Smart Ones brand has contacted us, and assures us that they are now officially Taking It Very Seriously.

…[W]e wanted to take the opportunity to respond and inform you/ that Weight Watchers Smart Ones is taking the consumer’s complaint very seriously and is currently conducting a full investigation into the matter. Smart Ones has always taken great pride in producing high-quality products and any report to the contrary concerns the brand. Smart Ones has requested an opportunity to examine the consumer’s meal to better understand the situation and have been in communication with her through its Consumer Help Line. Please know this is an unusual, yet serious claim and not at all consistent with consumers’ experience with Smart Ones.

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