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Frontier Airlines Offering Packages That Bundle A La Carte Extras For One Price

Frontier Airlines Offering Packages That Bundle A La Carte Extras For One Price

Though Frontier Airlines might be known for unbundled flight fares, instead choosing to offer a la carte options like checked and carry-on bags and seats with more legroom as add-ons, the airline is jumping back into the bundling arena with a new option that charges a flat fee for certain extras. [More]

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Delaware Becomes The Only State Without Commercial Air Travel After Frontier Airlines Flies Away

While flying is often the easiest and quickest way for travelers to get from one place to another, the nearly one million residents in Delaware will have to find a different mode of transportation in their home state — unless they want to fly privately. That’s because the state’s lone commercial airline servicer quietly exited the market last week. [More]

Spirit Airlines Brings Up Rear In Latest Airline Customer-Satisfaction Scores

Spirit Airlines Brings Up Rear In Latest Airline Customer-Satisfaction Scores

Time Warner Cable and merger-partner Comcast have very little company among the lowest-scoring companies on the American Customer Satisfaction Index, but now that ACSI has added Spirit and Frontier to its airline rankings, TWC can no longer claim the honor of having the lowest survey score of all U.S. companies in the Index. [More]

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Airline Performance Slips; Virgin America Named No. 1 For Third Time In Annual Airline Survey

Many consumers have a love-hate relationship with airlines: We love that they get us from point A to point B faster than a car, but we hate all the little fees, the inevitable delays and the occasional lost bag. It looks like all that hate once again won out, as this year’s Airline Quality Rating Survey found performance declined across all customer-focused categories just a year after the industry’s best scores in 25 years. The only carryover from the hopeful 2013 report was Virgin America’s ranking as top airline for the third consecutive year.  [More]

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Frontier Airlines Strands Passengers At The Gate For 18 Hours

Passengers awaiting a flight from St. Louis to Denver over the weekend could have driven to their destination in less time than it took for their Frontier Airlines flight to actually board. [More]

Frontier Airline will raise its checked baggage fees beginning May 1.

Frontier Increasing Checked Baggage Fees By $5 To $10 Starting May 1

A year after Frontier Airlines unveiled an “ultra-low-cost” fare structure including new fees for bags, the airline is once again revising those costs. [More]

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Frontier’s New Reservation System Proving To Be A Headache For Travelers

There are bound to be a few hiccups when a company changes software for a program that is integral to business. But customers say the transition for Frontier Airlines’ new reservation system has been full of turbulence. [More]


Report: Envoy Air, ExpressJet More Likely To Lose Your Bags; Virgin, Frontier Least Likely

Each time I check my suitcase before hopping a flight, I say a little prayer that my things will make to my final destination. Luckily for me, I’ve had few issues with checked baggage (knock on wood), but thousands of other passengers haven’t been so fortunate. In fact, a new report from the U.S. Department of Transportation reveals that more than 1.6 million consumers have filed mishandled baggage reports in the first nine months of 2014. So, is there one airline that’s more apt to lose your luggage? Probably. [More]

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Delta Air Lines Takes Page From Spirit & Frontier, Offers No-Frills Ticketing Option

Is Delta Air Lines gunning for a piece of the bare-bones ticket business other “low-cost” carriers like Frontier and Spirit offer? It sure looks that way after the airline unveiled plans to expand its stripped-down fare option. [More]

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Pilot Knows How To Handle Stranded Passengers: Buy Them Pizza

The most we’ve ever received from an airline for being stuck on the tarmac for hours was some water and repeated assurances that we’d be moving shortly. But not so for passengers on one diverted Frontier Airlines flight where the pilot treated everyone on board to free pizza. [More]

These seating options are available for customers beginning today.

Frontier’s “Ultra-Low-Cost” Fare Structure Includes Fees To Use Overhead Bins, Reserve Seats

Is Frontier Airlines the newest Spirit Airlines? Minus the always entertaining missives of Spirit CEO Ben Baldanza, the Denver-based carrier is taking a page from its cheapo fellow airline and changing up its price structure to include, among other things, a fee for carry-on baggage and a reserved seat. [More]

It's a little hard to parse that spaghetti-like mess at the lower end of this graph, but it's quite easy to spot Spirit soaring high above the rest of the competition (Source: U.S. PIRG)

Spirit Airlines: The Most Complained-About Carrier In The U.S.

Yes, we’ve repeatedly made fun of delusional Spirit Airlines CEO Ben Baldanza for his claim that his company is the “most consumer-friendly” airline around, especially when it comes in dead-last in traveler opinion surveys and is the only U.S. carrier to make a recent list of the world’s worst airlines. And a new study confirms that Spirit’s passengers are several times more likely to complain than passengers on any other domestic carrier. [More]

Which Airlines Are The Fastest & Slowest At Responding To Customers On Twitter?

Which Airlines Are The Fastest & Slowest At Responding To Customers On Twitter?

Complaining on Twitter can often feel like trying to shout to someone across the street with a noisy parade going down the middle. And that disconnect can often get worse when trying to get the attention of a big company with hundreds or thousands of people vying for attention. Some companies now go to great lengths to make sure that customers get some sort of response within minutes, but is that response of any value? [More]

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Woman Angry That Her Bag Didn’t Fit In Overhead Bin Booted From Frontier Flight

We know it’s never fun to get stuck at the end of the boarding process and find out that your bag won’t be going into one of the overhead bins. Checking a bag when all you want is to get off the plane and go can tick off even the calmest consumer, but throwing a temper tantrum and tossing another passenger’s phone won’t help your case, either. [More]


Frontier Now Offering Confusing Range Of Carry-On Fees If You Don’t Book Through Its Site

Frontier Airlines debuted a few changes to their policies today and guess what? They’re charging for more things, including carry-on bags and formerly complimentary in-air beverages. Here’s the deal, as we understand it: Travelers who book their reservations through the airline’s site won’t have to pay a dime for a carry-on bag, but those who use booking sites like Orbitz or Expedia will have to pay. As for exactly how much, that’s where it gets confusing. [More]


Doing The “Harlem Shake” In Mid-Air Apparently Isn’t Cool With The Folks At The FAA

If you’re the type to shun whichever viral video is currently makings its rounds, you might not know that the “Harlem Shake” phenomenon of filming yourself and friends dancing in costumes to that particular song is totally all the rage. The Federal Aviation Administration sure knows it now, as it’s launched a probe into a recent filming of the craze aboard a Frontier Airlines flight. [More]


Frontier Airlines Decides You Really Shouldn’t Go To Disney World This Year

Only three months ago, Frontier Airlines started offering flights from Columbia, MO, to Orlando, so of course travelers began booking tickets for trips to Disney World and other area attractions. Now Frontier is pulling the plug on the route, leaving customers to scramble for new travel plans. [More]

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My Flight Was Canceled Due To Sandy, Frontier Airlines Doesn’t Bother To Tell Me

If your flight gets canceled, how are you supposed to find out? Melinda was scheduled to fly on Frontier Airlines, and figured that her flight would get canceled due to Hurricane Sandy. She at least expected a robocall from the airline once the cancellation happened. Or for her flight info to no longer be in the “flight checker.” [More]