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There Is Now Sriracha Aged In Whiskey Barrels Because OMG, Sriracha

There Is Now Sriracha Aged In Whiskey Barrels Because OMG, Sriracha

When you’ve got one thing that everyone and your neighbor’s cat goes crazy for (sriracha! On everything!) and combine it with another trendy thing (whiskey!) of course there’s an opening for a new product that will hopefully get everyone from those bandwagons to hop on one big wagon together. Thus, sriracha aged in whiskey barrels. [More]

It's a menorah. It's a turkey. It's a Menurkey. (

Of Course Someone Trademarked “Thanksgivukkah” Before You Thought Of It

It’s not going to happen again ever in our lifetimes (or likely for thousands of years, for that matter) so the forward-thinking woman who trademarked the term “Thanksgivukkah” a year ago had better milk it for all it’s worth. And also yes, we know you’re sad you didn’t think to trademark it ourselves, considering that everyone seems to be talking about Hanukkah coinciding with turkey day this year. [More]


We’re Calling “Snowdening” A Thing: Cancun Police Can’t Stop Woman From Living In Airport

We can’t all be alleged leakers of super secret National Security Agency information, but one woman isn’t letting that stop her from pulling an Edward Snowden and setting up in a transit zone: Police in Mexico say a woman arrived on a flight from the United States last week and since then just hasn’t left the Cancun airport. [More]


Doing The “Harlem Shake” In Mid-Air Apparently Isn’t Cool With The Folks At The FAA

If you’re the type to shun whichever viral video is currently makings its rounds, you might not know that the “Harlem Shake” phenomenon of filming yourself and friends dancing in costumes to that particular song is totally all the rage. The Federal Aviation Administration sure knows it now, as it’s launched a probe into a recent filming of the craze aboard a Frontier Airlines flight. [More]