Frontier’s New Reservation System Proving To Be A Headache For Travelers

There are bound to be a few hiccups when a company changes software for a program that is integral to business. But customers say the transition for Frontier Airlines’ new reservation system has been full of turbulence.

The Plain Dealer reports that since Frontier began using a new software platform for reservations, loyalty programs and other online services last Friday, consumers have experienced a myriad of issues including overhauls of their itineraries.

Among the many issues consumers say they are facing with the new system is the posting of incorrect flight information that has led to being at the airport hours early.

In other cases, passengers have found that once they book a ticket, the flight schedules significantly changed. Although that might happen occasionally for weather or staffing reasons, some customers report the changes were so dramatic they’ve missed days of their vacation as a result, The Plain Dealer reports.

To make matters worse, passengers say when they call the airline for help, they’ve spent hours on hold.

A Cleveland-area councilman and his son tells The Plain Dealer that they spent 27 hours trying to return to the city from Orlando earlier this week. While the company’s online flight tracker showed the flight was on time, in reality it had been canceled.

“Both he and I spent over three hours on hold with customer service without ever reaching a live attendant,” the man says. “I posted on the Frontier Airlines Facebook site and received the following message: ‘Bill, we apologize for the error, we are in the process of updating our web site.'”

And this wasn’t the first issue the man has had with the airline recently. He says that an upcoming flight to Phoenix with a friend’s grandson was changed from an evening arrival to a “red-eye” flight, landing at 4 a.m.

“We had to cut our vacation short by one day so he could attend school,” the man says of the grandson.

While a spokesperson for Frontier acknowledged the issues, she tells The Plain Dealer that overall the company has done “a very good job in mitigating that kind of impact on our customers.”

“It’s a little bit messy when you go through the changes,” Frontier spokeswoman Tyri Squyres says. “We’re working really hard to make things better. We’ve been problem-solving around the clock the past few days.”

The airline says that all issues with the system should be resolved by today, but in the event that doesn’t happen, the company posted a few tips for consumers on its Facebook and Twitter pages.

Suggestions from Frontier included clearing your cache and using Google Chrome, as it apparently works best for

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