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Why Won’t Macy’s Tell Me If Password Reset Email Is Legit Or Not?

Someone (either Macy’s or perhaps a mysterious third-party) is confusing shoppers by blasting out emails telling them to either change their Macy’s passwords… or just ignore the email altogether because maybe they don’t have an account and shouldn’t be worried. [More]

Why Do Velveeta Cheese Slices Have Different Calorie Counts Depending On The Package Size?

Why Do Velveeta Cheese Slices Have Different Calorie Counts Depending On The Package Size?

Sometimes we have questions from you, our fresh-faced and bright-eyed Consumerist readers, that we just don’t have an answer for. And when that happens, we will move heaven and earth to get the answers. Or just you know, look into things. Thus it was with the Mystery Of Velveeta Cheese Slices And Differing Calorie Counts. [More]

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Why Do We Go Trick-Or-Treating On Halloween When Candy Is Tasty All Year?

Gazing out on the sea of Sexy So-And-Sos in knee socks and armed with excuses, amid the sound of the doorbell constantly ringing and shrilly demanding your candy sacrifice be made at the altar of yet another kid dressed as Buzz Lightyear, it can be hard to find a reason for it all. Why do we dress up? Why do we go begging for candy on this one night of the year, when candy is readily available all year round? [More]


Frontier Now Offering Confusing Range Of Carry-On Fees If You Don’t Book Through Its Site

Frontier Airlines debuted a few changes to their policies today and guess what? They’re charging for more things, including carry-on bags and formerly complimentary in-air beverages. Here’s the deal, as we understand it: Travelers who book their reservations through the airline’s site won’t have to pay a dime for a carry-on bag, but those who use booking sites like Orbitz or Expedia will have to pay. As for exactly how much, that’s where it gets confusing. [More]

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It’s Scary How Easy It Was To Perform The Celebrity Credit Report “Hacks”

Yesterday someone released the private information of more than a dozen celebrities online, posting their phone numbers, mortgages, and Social Security numbers. Although the word “hack” has been used, it’s a surprisingly very easy process to go from a city’s mortgage registry to a plethora of other personal information. We’ll let Buzzfeed explain. [Buzzfeed] [More]