NYC Health Officials Investigating Report Of Fried Rat Head Served At Popeyes

Let’s start with a warning: if you have recently eaten food, are planning to eat food in the near future, or ever want to eat food again, you might want to stop reading. Now that that’s covered, let’s talk about a Popeyes customer who claims she received a fried rat head with her chicken. [More]

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McDonald’s Customers Have Been Finding Some Pretty Gross Stuff In Their Food

First of all: if you’re getting ready to eat lunch, be warned that we are about to discuss some gross stuff happening to food. Got it? Great. Now that you’ve girded your stomachs, it’s our distinct displeasure to call attention to crawly things that McDonald’s customers have reported finding in their food. [More]

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Woman Bites Down On Rare Pearl In Her Food While Dining At Her Favorite Italian Restaurant

We can’t even begin to count the number of times we’ve heard about someone chomping down on an unexpected item in their food, but usually in those cases, something gross is happening and the customer is upset. One diner in Washington who encountered the unusual in her meal came away from her experience with a much more appetizing prize than usual, however: a rare purple pearl. [More]

How many snakes do you see on this can? Zero. (Fox 13)

Canned Green Beans Recalled After Church Group Finds Snake Head

A church youth group in Utah was cooking meals for the seniors of their community when they found an unexpected ingredient: their leader found a snake’s head among the green beans. The company, Western Family, a supplier of store-brand products to has now announced a recall of that lot of beans, since no customer wants to find the rest of that snake. [More]


Family Finds Free Lizard Inside Bundle Of Salad Greens, Brings It To Live At School

The tale of Green Fruit Loop the anole lizard is an epic one, as tales about lizards go. GFL began life somewhere in the southern half of the country, apparently as a wild lizard. She made the amazing journey from being a wild lizard hanging out in a field to living in a reptile habitat in an elementary school science lab. [More]

Wendy’s Customer Says She Found Bugs In Baked Potato; Restaurant Says They Are Sprouts

Wendy’s Customer Says She Found Bugs In Baked Potato; Restaurant Says They Are Sprouts

Yet another fast food customer is claiming she was served up a little unwanted something extra with her meal, while the restaurant says it only looks like she was served up some bugs with her order.


Cold Weasel Salad Is Not A Thing, Not Even In England

Cold Weasel Salad Is Not A Thing, Not Even In England

Here’s the problem with eating plants: they come from outside, where animals also live. Sometimes, animals want to try our food, too, and the safeguards meant to keep animals that we didn’t mean to eat off our plates fail. That’s when we end up with dead baby weasels in our salads. [More]

Man Claims Burger King Sandwich Was Covered In Ants

Man Claims Burger King Sandwich Was Covered In Ants

It wasn’t a dead mouse or a dishrag, but a Pittsburgh Burger King customer claims to have found something just as disgusting on his burger: ants.

Customer Says Box Of Pasta Contained Free Mummified Frog

Customer Says Box Of Pasta Contained Free Mummified Frog

Poor frogs. We keep accidentally scooping them up and serving them in our food. The latest case of a free frog found where it wasn’t supposed to be is a very strange one: a woman in Minnesota says that she found a petrified frog in her box of pasta. [More]

Girl Claims McDonald’s In Wales Served Her A McFrog Wrap

Girl Claims McDonald’s In Wales Served Her A McFrog Wrap

A few years ago, when frogs and pieces of frogs began turning up in frozen vegetables all over the country, we came to refer to any unwanted animal or animal part found in one’s food as “free frogs.” The term literally came true in Wales last week. A 10-year-old girl says that she took a great big bite of frog in her wrap over the weekend, but McDonald’s claims that it’s “unlikely” that the frog was put in there along with the vegetables. [More]

Subway Customer Claims Dead Rat Came Free With His Spinach-Filled Sandwich

Subway Customer Claims Dead Rat Came Free With His Spinach-Filled Sandwich

There’s just something about frogs, spiders and rats that make our skin crawl, especially when they come free in our bags of lettuce, grapes, frozen lemonade, and now, as one Oregon man claims, a Subway sandwich.  [More]

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Package Of Spinach From Sam’s Club Comes With Free Frog

A woman in California was not pleased when she prepared a salad for dinner and saw a small, speckled frog nestled between the spinach leaves. Sure, people sometimes pay good money to have frog legs for dinner, but those frogs are usually, you know, purpose-raised. And cooked. [More]

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Customer Finds Black Widow Spider In Grapes Bought At Target

It seems like it was just last week that we last heard about a grocery customer bringing home a venomous black widow spider on a bunch of grapes…because it was. Last week, a woman in Vermont was hospitalized after a black widow spider hiding in the grapes bit her. This weekend, a man in Illinois found one in the grapes that he purchased at Target, and headed right back to the store to return the fruit. And the spider. [More]

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3 More Toxic Salad Beetles Show Up In Canada And Texas

It turns out that fleeing to Canada won’t keep you safe from the Salad Beetle Scourge. You may remember the Iron Cross Blister Beetles turning up in organic salads and packages of leafy greens across the United States. We learned today of three more discovered in different parts of North America, two of which were in Canada. [More]

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This Toxin-Emitting Beetle Is Not A Crunchy Salad Topping

Small animals love vegetables, and so do people. Sometimes small animals end up harvested along with vegetables, slip through safeguards in the system, and end up in our bowls. Usually, these are harmless, but what if they aren’t? Four people in different places have found potentially toxic beetles in their salad greens, and we really, really hope that there aren’t more out there lurking in more salads. [More]

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Bag Of Fresh Spinach Includes Free Dead Mouse

A fresh salad and some lean protein make a fine dinner, but a couple in Georgia are kind of freaked out at the freebie that came in their bag of pre-washed spinach. After eating most of the package, they found a fresh dead mouse at the bottom. How did it get there? [More]

This cup is not mouse-infested. We think. (Adam Jefferson)

Man Claims McDonald’s In Canada Served Him Mouse-Flavored Coffee

A man in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada ordered a cup of coffee at McDonald’s during his commute to work, finishing the cup at the office. That was when he found the surprise at the bottom of his cup. It was not the good kind of surprise: he told the CBC that he found a dead mouse and some mouse droppings at the bottom of his coffee. [More]


Woman Upset That Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut Cereal Came With The Extra Crunch Of A Dead Mouse

First things first: If you don’t want to see a deceased rodent lying atop a bed of cereal, don’t click on any of the links in the below post. Because when a woman poured her grandson some Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut Corn Flakes and saw a dead mouse fall out, she made sure to take a photo as proof. [More]