Wendy’s Customer Says She Found Bugs In Baked Potato; Restaurant Says They Are Sprouts

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An Indianapolis woman says she found bugs in her Wendy’s baked potato.

Yet another fast food customer is claiming she was served up a little unwanted something extra with her meal, while the restaurant says it only looks like she was served up some bugs with her order.

A Wendy’s customer in Indianapolis tells Fox59 that she stopped by the restaurant last week to pick up her usual baked potato, but while she was chowing down on the spud, she noticed what she believes are bugs underneath the potato.

“There’s antennas, there’s legs; these are bugs,” the woman says. “I picked it up to hold it to show it to her and there were two more bugs right next to each other. I’m like… I dropped it. I was instantly disgusted.”

The restaurant, where the woman had been eating several times a week for about six months, gave her a refund.

A manager at the Wendy’s says that what the woman called bugs were really cooked sprouts from the spud. However, the woman disagrees and called the county health department.

Fox 59 reports that an inspection on Friday found no bug-related violations at the location.

Woman calls trip to Indianapolis restaurant a fast food nightmare [Fox 59]

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